Investment Solutions


We offer Research driven Primary (IPO) and Secondary Market recommendation to our clients .Our equity strategies and recommendations are Tailor Maid for Investors & Traders to generate superior returns through out different phases of Bull & bear Market trends.

We deliver long-term, sustainable growth in client portfolios  By adapting combined Research Models of Technical and Fundamentals. We  primarily focus on companies with predictable growth profiles, strong competitive positioning, and top quality management, complemented with solid balance sheets, ROEs, and cash flows.

Fixed Income

Our investment advisors assist our clients for designing Fixed income portfolio for generating superior return though Various instruments like Bonds, Non Convertible Debentures, Commercial papers, Tax Free Bonds, Company deposits.

We constantly monitor the global macro-economic environment as well as domestic credit and monetary policy drivers to ensure client portfolios are positioned with the most optimal instruments to meet their return objectives for specified risk levels. We also monitor the fixed income markets for tactical trading opportunities to generate excess returns and for changing interest-rate, credit-curve, and duration factors.

Mutual Fund

Unlike other firms offering transactional Mutual fund platform Our Investment Advisors designs Mutual fund portfolio screening through various parameters of funds considering Risk profile ,Return expectation and investment horizon of client.

Our investment Advisor picks the right funds in alignment with your long term financial objectives. Our investment criteria’s include the stature and track record of the fund, the fund house and the fund manager.

We help our clients to achieve their dream by keeping financial worry left behind.

Alternative Investments

We are part of the alternative investment ecosystem and are constantly evaluating opportunities within this asset class across the range of new edge instruments like Alternate Investment Funds (AIF) Portfolio Management Services (PMS) Private equity (PE),Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

We are extremely selective about our recommendations, which are based on a rigorous due diligence process that encompasses a number of technical evaluation criteria, combined with sound macroeconomic context-setting.

Structured Products

Structure Product is a Hybrid investment instrument combination of Debt and Derivatives. Which is used to improve return on fixed income or an equity instrument while reducing risk.

Our Investment advisor provides customized routes-to-market in uncertain times on different hypotheses, through a judicious use of both principal-protected as well as non-principal-protected structures, across asset classes, to achieve the desired payoff profiles.

Portfolio Management Services

Direct equity investors are often seen disappointed with the performance of their portfolios, as human emotions of greed and fear makes them commit errors. Also, all equity investments require regular monitoring for cleaning up holdings that become junk with time, hence it is a time-consuming activity. All these reasons and more, make ‘Portfolio Management Services’ more suitable for the HNIs.

PMS is a customized solution to investments in equity and debt offered by experienced and professional Fund Managers through discretionary and Non Discretionary model.

We offer a range of portfolio management solutions based on your investment aspirations, risk appetite, investment personality, and current circumstances Our Investment Advisors understands clients requirement and recommend them suitable strategy of PMS having successful long term track record of consistent returns of Portfolio.


For client objectives ranging from opportunistic trading strategies to the creation of hedging based customised exposures and pay-off profiles, our derivatives desk can create tailored investment management recommendations for Equities, Commodities and Currency Derivatives, using fundamental, quantitative, and technical tools.

Online Trading

Online trading involves the trading of securities through an online platform. Online trading portals facilitate the trading of various financial instruments such as equities, mutual funds, and commodities. We offers cutting edge technology options Web/Desktop and Mobile based Application for Investor/Trader. trading platform that helps investors and traders to buy/sell stocks and other financial instruments.

Our One window view of clients portfolio for all assets. Right from Mutual Funds to Stocks, Fixed/Recurring Deposits, Insurance Policies, PPF, NSC, Tax Free bonds etc, provides powerful reports.

Our execution services platform is aimed at transacting and reporting in an accurate, timely and error-free manner using the most modern technology and state-of-the-art processes.