Offshore Investment

In an uncertain world, global diversification should be mandatory for the modern investor. Invest offshore and make smart decisions for your portfolio with a combination of expert advice and access to the world’s great countries leading companies and fund managers. An offshore investment product could be right for you if you’re an expatriate working overseas, have the capacity to save some of your income or have a liquid capital sum that is not generating a return on your investment.

Our advising team is equipped to help you review all areas of your financial plans, including regular savings plans, pension transfers and international tax advice along with Immigration solutions. This ensures that you select the most appropriate investment products & Country, as your adviser will be evaluating options that you might not have previously considered, but that will provide results that are more consistent with your overall investment objectives. Many of our investors mainly uses Offshore investment option either for Portfolio Diversification or for getting citizenship of their choice of country though Investment. Deciding where and how to invest your capital can be too laborious, confusing and time-consuming for many expats. Our highly experienced investment advisers will help you develop an investment strategy that is bespoke for you and ensure you stay on track to hit your goals and targets.

At Navigator Wealth Management can help you make your money work harder using offshore investment vehicles to secure the best possible returns & Citizenship and help to achieve your dreams. A Navigator Wealth adviser will be able to help you optimze your wealth management strategy by considering offshore investment options. We offer advice on a variety of topics and answers to many of your questions for investment as well as for Immigration purpose.

If you’d like more advice on offshore investment products, tell us your need. Member of our team will be in touch to discuss your needs and objectives.